Humility, Happiness, and Holiness

Humility, Happiness, and Holiness

Humility, happiness, and holiness - written by Mari-Anna Stålnacke
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Have you ever met people who seem to ooze happiness? At first glance, they look like they have a halo that bright is the light around them. As you continue to observe them, you realize they have something deep within them that keeps them going despite their struggles. That is when you decide you want what they are having. You want to be as happy as them even when life continually gives you lemons. What about them satisfies them even though their lives are at least as lemony as yours? Charles Spurgeon has said, “There will be three effects of nearness to Jesus: humility, happiness, and holiness”. Could that be it? At least, the Bible says that:

The reward of humility [that is, having a realistic view of one’s importance] and the [reverent, worshipful] fear of the Lord Is riches, honor, and life. (Proverbs 22:4, AMP)

So, it all starts with humility. When we surrender to Jesus and worship only him, we learn that humbleness is the key to happiness. There is no happiness without God. Sure, there are plenty of substitutes for real joy but they’re just that: substitutes. (Do not them fool you.)

Humility, happiness, and holiness

Over the years, I have learned that I am the happiest when I am the closest to Jesus. Humans tend to run after happiness or money so they can buy things they think will make them happy. But there’s no happiness apart from God.

The closer to Jesus you get, the happier you become. It has something to do with holiness, it is a by-product of spending time with Jesus. We become like him. And the holier we become (by God’s grace), the happier we are. But it all starts with humility. Because the journey with Jesus starts by humbling ourselves to receive free grace. Blessedly, even that process is made possible by grace upon grace.

So, as God’s own chosen people, who are holy [set apart, sanctified for His purpose] and well-beloved [by God Himself], put on a heart of compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness, and patience [which has the power to endure whatever injustice or unpleasantness comes, with good temper] (Col.3:12, AMP).

Surrender does not mean self-loathing, it means we embrace the fact we are God’s beloveds and want to receive all God has for us. It means we put on God’s special gifts and share his goodness with all we encounter. And as we do this, sometime along the way, we start shining like Jesus. Then we draw people to Christ without saying a word. It’s all God from start to finish.

Gracious God,
We praise you for your amazing love and grace towards us.
How good you are to us!
Thanks for rescuing and redeeming us.
We surrender to you and want to become more like Christ.
Make us shine like saints gone before us.
In Jesus’ name,


Humility, happiness, and holiness for all who love Jesus! Isn’t that the best deal ever? Way too often we run after news that is too good to be true while Jesus wants to give us all that we need for free. I have done looking elsewhere for my happiness. Jesus is the Good News we need, nothing else compares to him. And as years have gone by, he has proved to be more faithful than I dared to dream when I started this journey with him. Trust him, surrender to him, and you will find true happiness in Him. Blessings to you as you seek Jesus with all you’ve got!

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