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  1. m also praying for EDUCATION ,That i will get a University DEGREE in
    Neurosurgery , i ask for JESUS CHRIST TO BE my friend my guide ,and to
    follow in his ways , that i will get to snowboard this year as well as
    to have a passionate , on fire for GOD youth group with MUSIC and Drama
    TO keep us in love on FIRE and with a zeal for HIS KINGDOM CONSUMING our
    spirit may our hearts worship GOD , MAY I SERVE ,LOVE AND SEEK FOR HIS
    within me , you are able to do much much more than i ask or think ,
    bring me into a fellowship of english speaking and other language groups
    of on fire for JESUS CHRIST BELIEVERS!! AMEN

          1. Anna,I ma an orphan of both parents and stay alone,I ask you give me a help to study the college even in theology .help me?

  2. @My_Destiny_is_ John Marca
    I am a RN on probation from 2006. I am being investigated again for February 2012. My job and RN license are under attack. I am believing God for mercy and favor#prayer request

    1. Dear God,
      I bring John to you and ask that you’d intervene this situation as you see fit. Help John, bless him according to all of his needs. Thank you, Jesus, that it is YOU who is in control of this. May your will happen, Lord! In Jesus’ name, Amen

  3. Hi Mari-Anna!  I just added your prayer wall button to my prayer blog (Blessings in His Grip)!  This is such a great place to come for prayer and to pray!  Blessings to you in this ministry!

  4. Dear, Sweet Friend!
    I am Celestino Maccabruni and I try to sinthetyze the question on which I am interested about the facts of Medjugorje.
    Nor I, neither You, are in a position to state whether such alleged apparitions are true. Even Catholic Church is reluctant to decide, and after a negative judgment of the croatian Bishops about 20 years ago, now Vatican has established a new “equipe” of religious and not religious men to try to clarify the matter.
    However the point in which now I personally am interested, and that I submit to your attention, is the following:
    – if, in Hipotesys, such apparitions should be true, how much time have we to meet the “extraordinary facts” apparently contained, and vaguely known, in the “10 secrets”, delivered for “all people” to Mjriana Dragicevich, the person that should announce to the world the secrets? 
    Mjriana has about 43 years of age; and francescan Friar Peter Ljubicic, chosen by Mjriana to let know to the the world the secrets has (If I don’t mistake) about 60 years, or little less.
    So, for “logical” biological reasons I am induced to think that – I repeat, in the Hipothesys of real facts – the times of the happening of the secrets cannot be too much far.
    I have had the opportunity to talk to persons who have visited Medjugorje in the last months or years, some of them of high culture (as professors of University) and I have been a little knocked for that many of them tell stories of stranger phenomenons in the sky and in a crucifix.
    For what we now know, ten days before the first secret (that according to some intrusivness should be an admonition, a warning, Mjriana will notify to Friar Ljubicic the secret and after 7 days in which both (Mjriana and Liubicic will fast as penitence) Friar Ljubicic will notify to the world – before the fact appens – the datails of the secret.
    And so on, for the next other 9 secrets, some of them are clearly chastisement for the the sins of the world.
    There are some web sites on Medjugorie, one of the Church of Bozen, well informed, that I often  watch to be promptly informed on all facts.
    However there are facts that are very interesting.I don’t know if you know the name of some hardened sin that, since verious years, has completely chagend your life. I tell you only tree names that I think you can research on the web: journalist Mario Brosio (now a writer of Medjuogorje) actress Claudia Koll, before “celebrated” as actress in some “porno film”, Anja Golenidskaya (a polish from the difficult name to be read and to be write, I am not sure having correctly written her name) an “escort” for big portfoglios, all persons that have completely  cancelled thier previous negative life and have repurchased the faith and now act to develop the faith and to let knowing Mejudgorje in the world. There are also other famous personson (mostly of intertainement) that have been “changed totally” in Medjugorje, but I stop to the first 3 stated.
    So, Catholich Church, often recall the words of Jesus in the Evangelos: ” From the fruits you will know the tree” and, for what now we know, there little doubts that the fruits of Mejugorje are really good!
    Can you tell me your though on the matter?
    Many thanks, sweet Friend!

    1. Celestino,
      Thank you for your interesting question. I have to admit that I am not familiar enough with this matter to help you on your quest. My email address is above if you want to contact me. Abundant blessings to you, brother!

  5. Hello Marianna Stalnacke!

    Is there ANYTHING in Scripture that says you should be “exalted” over “ANYONE ELSE?” If you can find it, let me know as I certainly have NEVER found it!

    Hello Debbie!


    A “TRUE” Christian would NEVER EVER make a “Big Deal” over something of this nature a Jesus Christ has “asked” us to “…spread the Good News!!!” So, anyone condemning you for NOT giving credit is NOT a “true” Christian as you are simply “…spreading the Good News!!!”

    It is the author of FLOWING FAITH that is in the WRONG!!!

    The author of Flowing Faith “should be” honored that you have re-blogged “anything” from their website!

    Just as I am “honored” that I even get a reply from…anyone!


    She “should be” ecstatic that you even feel their “posts” are good enough to be repeated!!!

    So, I am sorry that “they” have made you feel this way!


    “Flowing Faith” OWES YOU…THE APOLOGY!!!

    NOT the other way around!!!

    btw…I’m posting this to their “site” JUST to let them know!!!


    Bob Wise

    Speaking solely for myself, “I” DO NOT follow Scripture…per se’…Instead, I follow the “…Teachings of Jesus Christ…” as He instructed us! Scripture HAS BEEN “convoluted” and “bent” in favor a “group of people” and is in DIRECT opposition of the “Good News” that Jesus brought to this World “…that we are ALL EQUAL!!!”…Amen!

    Therefore, how is it that “one Christian” should be over “another Christian?” A “Christian” is already “honored” by Jesus Christ as He sacrificed His Life for “OUR” Sins…AND, “Flowing Faith” is “honored” by having it’s “posts” re-posted…already! There is no need to go any further…PERIOD!

    So many people “want” to be “paid” for “…spreading the Good News…” NOT realizing the “abomination” they are making!

    Take Care and God Bless!

    October 19, 2013 at 4:25 pm

    btw…I don’t read anything on “your” website that says “your” posts, artwork, etc., is copyrighted or can’t be “re-posted!!!”

    YOU “OWE” Debbie an apology!!! (IF you’re a “true” Christian!)

    IF NOT, then…

  6. It is good and intersting your comments by the flowing faith; so I am following and I want to receive your good service to her to India in continuous communication to so send me your letters also by post, and thanking you dear friend maria stal nake,
    please introduce me to you all friends in this ministry and sight and thanking you dear Sister, and I am serving by the children ministry and gospel services here in India,OK, thanking you dear sister. Thus;–bro,U.Yesuratnam,Puc & Evangelist.
    arun lankavaripet, Narsapuram; AP; west g.dist;534275, south India.
    my emai;–uy*********@gm***.com,.

    1. Hello to you and thank you for your kind words. So glad to meet Christians around the world. You can receive all the posts into your email inbox by pushing the orange button in the margin (saying Join us!). Hope it works for you. Abundant blessings to you and your ministry in India!

  7. I am an orphan of both parents caused by genocide in Rwanda and want to study the college but lack means I ask some one to help me here is my e mail:fi**********@gm***.com God bless you

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