Set Hope on the Living God

Set Hope on the Living God

Did you know that “Living God” is mentioned fourteen times both in the Old and New testament? 28 times we are reminded that God is not a sentimental idea or a lofty philosophy. God is a living person who wants to lovingly interact with us. We are children of the Living God! How awesome is that?Why do you see the living among the dead? We are children of the Living God!

The same way that the women at the grave of Jesus on the Easter morning were reminded “Why do you look for the living among the dead?” (Luke 24:5, CEB), we are pushed to recognize that God is not a dusty doctrine among dead religions.

We tend to forget that we have a wild and active God on our side. We let the troubles or the temptations of the world distract us. And when we misplace our faith on ourselves, we feel hopeless. But don’t you ever forget that you are a child of the Living God!

When you are on the brink of despair, held your head high…..this is not the end…our savior lives! When you are at the end of your rope, cry to God and know that he will answer….he is alive, awake, and active. When you can’t see a way out of the pit, thank God that he does and he will see you out of there.

Just leave your burdens at Jesus’ feet. And don’t pick them up again. Really leave them there. Rest in his grace. He will work on your behalf while you rest in him. God is

“Our hope is set on the living God, who is the savior of all people, especially those who believe.” (1 Tim. 4: 10, CEB)

Our hope is set on the Living God, not on dead doctrines.
Our joy is set on the Living God, not on on the entertainment industry.
Our peace is set on the Living God, not on external happenings.

Don’t you ever forget that you are a child of the Living God!


Gracious God,
You truly are alive!
We are not alone!
Our hope is not set on dead doctrines
but on you, the Living God!
Take care of us in every level and in every way.
Be active in/through/for us!
Be praised forever and ever!
In Jesus’ name,

Q4U: Why do you set your hope on God?

Be blessed, my fellow pilgrim, as you set your life on the Living God!

Giving thanks today for
#361 the LIVING God
#362 God is actively present in our lives.
#363 being a child of the living God
#364 rest in God
#365 help in God
#366 love in God
#367 peace in God
#368 grace in God
#369 all I ever need in God
#370 joy in God

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