Salvation Comes Through Jesus

Salvation Comes Through Jesus

Salvation comes through Jesus, written by Mari-Anna Stålnacke
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Sometimes I am asked how I know Jesus is my salvation. Or what do I do when doubts emerge? Faith is simple, it is a friendship with Jesus. Because of this, I share everything with him. So, if I have questions, I bring them to Jesus. If I have doubts, I tell them to Jesus. So far he has answered every time and I don’t expect that to change any time soon. Because he has promised to answer us when we come knocking. And I do that daily. By praying and reading Scripture. God’s Word declares the good news of Jesus very clearly for anyone who wants to hear it. According to the Bible, salvation comes through Jesus.

“Brothers, listen! We are here to proclaim that through this man Jesus there is forgiveness for your sins. Everyone who believes in him is made right in God’s sight—something the law of Moses could never do. (Acts 13:38-39, NLT)

The Bible is very clear on this. Everyone who believes in Jesus is made right in God’s sight by grace. Not by our own effort. This is indeed good news for all who believe. But it is bad news for anyone who does not want to receive Jesus as their lord and savior.

Some people keep on insisting they are good people and deserve to get to heaven based on that. But that’s not how it works according to the Bible. The only way to be saved is to believe in Jesus and surrender to him. Very straightforward, don’t you think?

Salvation comes through Jesus

When people are not ready to surrender to Jesus no matter how clearly the Bible states our need for it, they start undermining the Bible’s authority. If they don’t like that salvation comes through Jesus only, they say it is just an old book. But, let me tell you, the Bible is not just an old book, it’s God’s living Word that still speaks to us. Try it yourself!

If you already believe it is God’s living Word, emerge in it. Read it, even just a little bit, every day. It is the only way to keep doubts away. It is amazingly delightful that God wants to interact with us through his Word. Talk about a privilege! I am sure in heaven we wonder why we did not pray more, read the Bible more, and listen to God more.

So, whether you’re coming to Jesus for the very first time or whether you’ve known Jesus already for decades, it all starts by believing in Jesus is the son of God and surrendering to his authority. It is a gift and a miracle. Our loving Father welcomes us with open arms. There is no bigger honor in this world that to be called a child and heir of God Almighty. Do not take it for granted. Instead, run or crawl to Jesus! He has the words of eternal life. And he loves you with eternal love.

I am grateful salvation comes through Jesus only. Through him I have hope everlasting, joy overflowing, and grace never-ending. Life could drag me down if I didn’t have Jesus. But I do. And so do you if you want to. Just talk to him, invite him into your life. And keep talking to him, reading his Word, and interacting with him about anything and everything. Faith is simple. Receive it as God’s precious gift and rejoice in it. Every day of your life.

Let us pray

Gracious God,
Thank you that salvation comes through Jesus.
Help us to stop trying to reach self-righteousness.
Give us grace upon grace to humble ourselves and surrender to you.
Thank you for standing invitation to spend time with you.
Give us hope everlasting and faith never-ending.
Fill us with the joy of salvation.
In Jesus’ precious name,


Faith is an amazing gift. Salvation comes through Jesus. Just receive it and praise God for it. And then practice it, day in, day out, no matter how you feel or whatever is going on in your life. Be blessed, my friend. God is more amazing than you can imagine. Just lean on him. All will be well.

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