Good News for You

Good News for You

Good News for YouIt has been news to me that still, 2000 years after Jesus walked on this green earth, people don’t know the difference between religion and faith. Actually, I am shocked to realize again and again that people still think Christianity is about following rules instead of following Christ. Is this news to you? Boy, do I have good news for you!

For it is by grace [God’s remarkable compassion and favor drawing you to Christ] that you have been saved [actually delivered from judgment and given eternal life] through faith. And this [salvation] is not of yourselves [not through your own effort], but it is the [undeserved, gracious] gift of God; not as a result of [your] works [nor your attempts to keep the Law], so that no one will [be able to] boast or take credit in any way [for his salvation].
(Eph. 2:8-9, AMP)

Being good or following rules does not save you. But God’s grace does. Powerfully so. That’s good news for you. In epic proportions. When we repent and ask for forgiveness, we receive grace in abundance. When we ask Jesus to live within us, we start a new life with God.

Christian faith is all about having a relationship with Jesus. The closer to Jesus we get, the more alive we become. The more we spend time with him, the more grace changes us inside out.

Christian faith is not about forcing ourselves to fit in a one-size-fits-all mold. We are unique in God’s eyes. We are treated with much respect and tender loving care. The more we surrender to God, the freer we become.

So forget about human-made rules, get to know the Living God. He will show you how to live and how to love. He will guide you step by step. And let me tell you: it will not be a boring adventure. You have never been more alive and well. God will not let you down. He will take care of you all the days of your life.


Gracious God,
Thank you for inviting us into a relationship with you.
Thank you that faith is not about following rules but following Jesus.
Draw us near to you.
Change us according to your will.
Guide us step by step.
Fill us with your love and grace
now and forever.
In Jesus’ name,

Q4U: Is it news for you that following rules does not save you? Or do you live out the good news every day of your life?

Be blessed, my fellow pilgrim, as you embrace the good news of Jesus Christ with all your heart and mind!

* [As you might have noticed, I enjoy reading the Bible in different translations and love comparing them. I have started linking the Bible verses to so you can easily read (and compare) them in the different versions I’ve used while preparing each post.].

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8 thoughts on “Good News for You

  1. So true. I almost wonder if we sometimes fall for the legalism because following all those rules makes us feel like we are in control.

  2. Yes! What a needed reminder for us all. Salvation is a gift, freely and lovingly given by our precious Savior. Thank you for sharing this. Have a blessed week!

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