Counting Internet Blessings – The Best of This Week

Counting Internet Blessings – The Best of This Week

On Saturdays I share some of the links on the Internet that I have found interesting or that have blessed me during the week. This is my way to count my Internet blessings and pass on to you the good I’ve encountered.

Here are the best of this week: How Intimacy With Jesus Leads To Living The Mission of the Kingdom by Kit at
Tears by Glynn Young at
‘I Believe in God’ by Kendra Breitsprecher at
Using the Bible to Avoid God, part 2 Deception by John W. Frye at
Holiness Isn’t White, It’s Green by Jessica at
Where I Came From – Journey to Wholeness by Jay Cookingham at

Gracious God,
Thank you for these posts!
Thank you for bold people sharing their stories.
Thank you for brave people to bare their souls.
So that other people could find you and be healed and set free.
Bless all the writers and readers.
Give us what we don’t know we need.
In Jesus’ name,

The previous lists can be found here.
Here are some posts that might interest you:
Volcanic Ash: Sinners Wanted
The Case of Wild Grace
God – the Spiritual Immune System, part 1/4
Driving Around with Grace
Be a blessing & be blessed on your journey!
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4 thoughts on “Counting Internet Blessings – The Best of This Week

  1. Jay,
    You're so welcome! Thank you so much for sharing your powerful story with us. Abundant blessings!

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