WILD GRACE Blog Carnival: Call for Submission onThe Power of Resurrection

WILD GRACE Blog Carnival: Call for Submission onThe Power of Resurrection

It’s time for Call for Submission for WILD GRACE Blog Carnival!

Wild Grace is a blog carnival that brings together followers of Christ around the globe to celebrate grace and the Giver of Grace. The purpose of the blog carnival is to share blessings & wild grace to encourage each other on our faith journeys.

You are invited to submit your own blog post on the theme! If you are not interested in writing you can come to read all the blog posts around the theme of the week on the 16th of April.

It’s Easter season so the theme I chose for the Blog Carnival is the Power of Resurrection.

This Easter I was profoundly touched by the power of resurrection and, therefore, I would love to hear and share stories of the power of resurrection. How have you experienced the power of the resurrection? How is your life affected by the resurrection? Are you a witness of the resurrection? Check out my posts God Who Saves , Living Well: A Blessing or an Achievement, Living in the Presence of the Holy Spirit & Where Does Your Help Come From? for more inspiration.

Here’s what to do. Write your story of encountering God’s power of the resurrection and come to link it here on Friday. Let’s feast in celebrating His resurrection power! Happy Easter, everyone! Christ is risen indeed!!!

Gracious God,
Thank you for resurrecting Jesus!
Thank you for your wild grace!
Bless our blog carnival.
Inspire writers to share your glory.
Inspire readers to celebrate
the power of the resurrection
in their lives.
In Jesus’ name,

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