Counting Internet Blessings – The Best of This Week

Counting Internet Blessings – The Best of This Week

Today I will be sharing with you some of the links on the Internet that I have found interesting or that have blessed me this week. This is my way to count my Internet blessings and pass on to you the good I’ve encountered. I will be doing this every Saturday if this is something that readers will find useful. So, please, let me know if this is worth of doing.

Here are the best articles/blogs of this week:
Spiritual Anorexia by Julie Barrios// Great insight!
Nella’s Beautiful Story at Don Miller’s Blog
Settling for Mr. Good Enough? by Kym Wright at
Grace by Lynne Chapman
On Loneliness by Lisa D Barnes

Gracious God,
We love you!
We are amazed
how you take care of us.
We are amazed
how you guide us.
We are amazed
how you love us!
Show us how to
prepare the way for you.
Show us how to
share your love with others.
In Jesus’ name,

Q4U: Are there any particular articles that have blessed you this week? Send in your recommendations! Let me know if you find this Internet blessings counting helpful.

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Be blessed!

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