God Pointers, Lamp Posts and Light Houses

God Pointers, Lamp Posts and Light Houses

When I was a student at the University of Helsinki a German tourist stopped me on the street. First he asked me if I spoke any German and all I could mutter was ‘JA’. Then he asked where the cruise ship possibly would be and all I could do was point and say ‘DA’ (there in German). He thanked and was on his way. First I was embarrassed how little I had been able to speak German. At least I had been able to help him out and point him to the right direction.

I have come to believe that the main duty of Christians is to be a lamp post, a light house or a guide for each other. Our task is to point to God as our fellow travelers are trying to find their way in life. Sometimes we are not that eloquent or fluent as we do this. But it is enough to point. We can even do this even without any words. Our love and joy in Christ is enough: people are able to see the light within us.

Each and every one of us needs pointers, guide posts on our way to God. We need to be reminded that there is a loving God who is waiting for us his arms stretched out wide open to welcome us home. We need to be reminded that no matter of what happens to us we are always welcome to Jesus. We need to be reminded that God’s grace is stronger than any sin. We need to be reminded that the Holy Spirit wants to light our path if we just keep on asking. We need to be reminded that it is okay to need help from others. We are not alone in this. Pilgrimage can be tiring, exhausting and sometimes down-dragging. But we are not to give up but to look up to God!

Gracious God,

Thank you for being there for us.
Thank you for sending guides to our path.
Help us to fill our duty as your helpers in the world.
So we could ease each others struggles.
So instead of giving up we would look up to you.
In Jesus’ name,

Q4U: When have you encountered a human lamp post?

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