Why Is Christmas Still a Big Thing?

Why Is Christmas Still a Big Thing?

Why is Christmas still a big thing? Written by Dr. Mari-Anna Stålnacke
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Some people have lost their faith in Christmas. Either it’s too commercial, too childish, or too something else. And, yes, if you look at Christmas as a social obligation, I agree. But we should not forget the meaning of Christmas. If we do, we celebrate something because it is that time of year. But Christmas is much more than cookies, presents, and get-togethers. Okay, you say, why is Christmas still a big thing? Glad you asked.

Christmas is a big thing because we commemorate the birth of the savior of the world. Without Christ, we would have to drink up the bowl of God’s wrath on our own. But because of what Jesus did on the cross, all who believe in Jesus are free of God’s wrath.

Then I saw another sign in heaven, great and amazing, seven angels with seven plagues, which are the last, for with them the wrath of God is finished (Rev. 15:1, ESV).

As I read this passage yesterday, it reminded me of Jesus’ words on the cross: “It is finished” (John 19:30). The wrath of God is finished because of Jesus. How blessed we are and how much we have to celebrate. That’s why Christmas is and will always be a big thing.

Why is Christmas still a big thing?

This small example of how beautifully the Bible is intertwined, and weaved together, assures me of how God planned our salvation long before we were born. No matter what people say, the Bible is true. Jesus came into the world as a baby to save us and bring us home to heaven. How blessed we are indeed.

So, I approach Christmas in awe. Sure, it is a mystery but it is true. And it proclaims God’s love to all mankind. It welcomes us to come to Christ, to receive his grace as an amazing gift it is. We are free of God’s wrath, we are free to live in God’s love and grace.

That’s what Christmas is all about for me. It doesn’t matter where in the world I am located and it doesn’t matter what I eat or what kind of gifts I give or get. What matters is that I light a candle, open my Bible, and worship my savior.

Gracious God,
Your gift of salvation is beyond wonderful.
Thank you for sending Jesus!
We surrender to him and praise him forever and ever.
Bless us with your presence this Christmas.
Let us feel your love and presence in our homes.
Help us to understand a bit more about your salvation plan.
Fill us with awe and praise.
In Jesus’ precious name,


Isn’t it amazing how on the cross Jesus uses the same root word [of τελέω (teleō), “to finish”] to proclaim his mission was finished as used in the text of Revelation to express that God’s wrath will be finished? I love these connections between different texts in the Bible. The more I study the Bible, the more I am in awe of God. Blessings to you this Advent season. Jesus is coming for you. Be ready. And rejoice!

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