Peace Be with You

Peace Be with You

Peace be with you, written by Mari-Anna Stålnacke
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This week I have been touched by these words of Jesus: “Peace be with you”. This is how he greeted his disciples after his resurrection (John 20:19-). He knew they needed relief from fear as they were taking in his resurrection and all the changes therefore happening. Jesus also knew they needed new courage to face future challenges and eternal hope to carry them through some difficult times ahead. All this was inclosed in the word of peace. Jesus always gives more than we need.

Three times Jesus said “peace be with you” to his disciples. So it was not just a platitude, he meant what he said. He knew what his disciples needed. And his peace is much more than external peace. It is wholistic well-being in our soul in every circumstance we face.

Peace be with you

I strongly feel Jesus is offering his peace to us too. Right here and now. He whispers, “peace be with you”. Jesus wants to give his own peace to you. Today. And every day. How do you respond?

I hope you accept his offer. There’s nothing like it in this world. No one can take God’s peace away from you. So do not give it away either. For any reason. It’s yours in Jesus.

“Peace be with you”, says Jesus. Receive it. Cherish it. And share it. Just as grace, it will never run out. Rejoice in it. It’s the way to feel God’s presence with you wherever you go.

So whatever chaos you find yourself in, do not let it disturb your inner peace. God is with you. No matter how crazy the world gets, do not let go of your peace. God is in control. In fact, the more frightful your circumstance gets, the more peaceful you can become in Jesus. Yes, God’s peace is a miracle. Receive it and live in it.

Gracious God,
Thank you for giving us peace beyond understanding.
Help us to always embrace it and not give it away for any reason.
You are so good to us, we give you our fears and receive your peace instead.
Help us to share your grace and peace with everyone we meet.
Bless us as you see fit.
In Jesus’ precious name,


Be blessed, my dear friend! And live in God’s peace, live in Jesus. Do not give away your peace, it is yours for keeping. Strengthen your faith with God’s Word, prayer, and being in the arms of Heavenly Father. Faith is simple trust in God. Start your day by surrendering to God, let God fill you with His grace and peace, and then live your day with Jesus, and at night, take refuge in God’s grace and surrender your burden to Him. This is the life of a Christian in its simplicity. Be greatly blessed, my friend. God’s peace for you!

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