The Bookends for Any Blessed Day

The Bookends for Any Blessed Day

The bookends for any blessed day, written by Mari-Anna Stålnacke
Photo by Worshae on Unsplash

For quite some time now I have started my day by surrendering myself, my life, and that particular day to Jesus. It has blessed me and taught me how to walk with God throughout the day. But something was still missing. God showed me I needed another habit to the end of the day. And that’s how I learned the bookends for any blessed day.

What’s the other bookend then, you ask. It’s as simple as the one in the morning. At the end of the day, I release all the dirt I’ve accumulated during the day to Jesus. So I leave all the hurtful words I’ve heard that day and burdens I’ve picked along the way at the foot of the cross every single night.

Cast your burden on the Lord [release it] and He will sustain and uphold you. (Psalm 55:22a, AMP)

The bookends for any blessed day

Those hurts, sins, and burdens aren’t meant for me (or you) to carry. Because Jesus already carried them on the cross. So I release them to Jesus and receive his grace and peace instead. Then I can sleep peacefully.

The bookends for any blessed day are quite remarkable. But they are our privilege as his children. And they do work. Try this tonight (and tomorrow morning). You will be amazed and blessed. So live like an heir and not an orphan. In Jesus, you have everything you ever need. Just believe and receive grace upon grace, peace upon peace. They are yours in Christ Jesus.

Dear God,
You are such a good, good Father.
Thank you for your love and grace.
We surrender to you all that we are and have.
May you will happen for us, in us, through us.
We also release all that bothers us to you.
Heal us, bless us, give us your peace.
In Jesus’ precious name,


Isn’t our Father God amazing? He gives us even when we sleep! Let’s not try to live by our own power. God wants to give us everything we need to fight the good fight of faith. Be blessed, my fellow pilgrim. God is more than good. He is amazing!

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