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Back to God

When we read the Bible prayerfully, the Holy Spirit opens our eyes to see things from a fresh perspective. I share you one of my revelations. For long time I kept wondering how on earth the Israelites wandered around the desert for 40 years. Why did they have hard time believing and trusting in God? Why did they not turn back to God? Have you had similart thougths while reading of the adventures of the Israelites in the desert?

And the Lord said to Moses, “How long will this people despise me? And how long will they refuse to believe in me, in spite of all the signs that I have done among them? (Numbers 14:11, NRSV,*)

The Holy Spirit has opened my eyes to see that very easily also I am – just like the Israelites – wandering aimlessly in my personal desert. This is not just a Bible story for the history books. It’s the human condition. We keep complaining and choosing our personal misery instead of turning back to God. Just like the Israelites.

Back to God

But even though the Israelites rebelled, God never turned his back to them. And that’s how it is even today. Even though we rebel and forget to ask for help from God, he is faithful and just. God loves us even when we choose to wander aimlessly in our personal deserts. He is so good.

What can we learn from this? Life does not have to be so rough, it can be abundant with Jesus. So what to do? Let’s open ourselves to God’s loving presence. Daily. Only he can keep us from wandering aimlessly in our personal deserts.

And let’s make meeting God in the morning as easy as possible so we are not tempted to skip it. Just like runners put all the gear ready to go, let’s make our morning devotion gear ready so there’s no excuses to skip it. Soon we will notice communing with Jesus is the best thing ever; it’s a door to abundant life.

Gracious God,
Thank you for being faithful and loving even when we are not.
Forgive us for rebelling and wandering away from you.
Thanks for calling us back to you.
Help us to create a devotional habit to keep us in your loving presence.
In Jesus’ name,

Q4U: Is wandering aimlessly in your pesonal desert familar to you? What has helped you to get back to God?

Be blessed, my fellow pilgrim, as you learn to stick with God and enjoy abundant life with him!

* [As you might have noticed, I enjoy reading the Bible in different translations and love comparing them. I have started linking the Bible verses to so you can easily read (and compare) them in the different versions I’ve used while preparing each post.]

Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash. Linking up today with Dance with Jesus and Five-minute Friday.

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