Eternal Blessings Through Prayer

Eternal Blessings Through Prayer

Eternal blessings through prayerWould you like to have a moment free from everything that bothers you? Just a minute of freedom, that’s all you ask for. It’d a bliss for sure. Just getting a glimpse of heaven would be fantastic, right? Guess what? It’s possible. You can experience heaven already here on earth while you pray. Prayer gives you a moment of peace you desire. It also provides a place to experience harmony right here, right now. (If you don’t believe it, just try it out. Cry your heart out and see how God meets you right where you are.) There’s nothing better than God’s presence in our lives. Through prayer, we can experience it.

Prayer reminds us of what really matters.

Tim Keller has said ‘The kingdom of God is the permanent reality, while the kingdom of this world will eventually fade away.’ What is made of the perishable seed will eventually decay, there’s nothing we can do about it. But through prayer, we can embrace what God is doing and allow him spiritually transform us according to his plan for us.

For you have been born again [that is, reborn from above—spiritually transformed, renewed, and set apart for His purpose] not of seed which is perishable but [from that which is] imperishable and immortal that is, through the living and everlasting word of God. (1 Peter 1:23, AMP)

We’ve been born again of imperishable and immortal seed. How powerful is that? Also, the same Word that conceived the new life in you is still at work in you. Just think: God Almighty is creating a new thing in you and through you. We are blessed beyond measure to have a God who loves us dearly and wants what’s best for us. He invites us into a personal relationship and he continues to bless us through prayer.

God gives us eternal blessings through prayer

It’s in prayer we get a glimpse of eternity, where God reigns and there’s no sadness. The more time we spend in prayer, the more convinced we are what really matters, what is the permanent reality and what’s not. What is imperishable and immortal and what’s not. Also, the more time we spend with God, the happier we are. Life is not about us forcing things to happen but leaning on God who gently empowers us for things he has planned in advance for us to do.

In prayer, we meet God and experience his love and care for us. Through prayer, we can already experience heaven here on earth. Prayer reminds us of our real home and empowers us on our journey home. It is through prayer that God gives eternal blessings to us. And he himself is the biggest blessing of all.


Gracious God,
Thank you for providing us everything we need
on our journey home to you:
grace, love, strength, peace, joy…
Especially, we thank you for planting eternity in us.
Help us to remember what matters and what doesn’t.
Strengthen us for your service, Lord.
Empower us to do what you’ve planned for us to do.
In Jesus’ name,

Q4U: How have you met God through prayer?

Be blessed my fellow pilgrim as you receive eternal blessings through prayer!

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