Waiting on God Is Wise

Waiting on God Is Wise

Waiting on God is wiseSummer seems to be a time when everything stops. Nothing happens. Yes, we need that kind of time to relax and rejuvenate. But too much is too much, right? Little by little we become anxious to do something, anything really. The wise thing here is to wait until it’s the right thing to do, not just because we are too anxious to wait. This happens in our spiritual life too. Waiting on God is a big part of Christian living. We most likely don’t naturally like waiting on God any more than we like waiting in general. But it is always worth it. Doing right things at the right time the right way does not have any rivalries. Little by little, we learn to embrace waiting on God as a blessing.

The Lord is good to those who wait for him,
    to the soul who seeks him.
(Lamentation 3:15, ESV)

Waiting on God is wise

John Ortberg has said “Biblically, waiting is not just something we have to do until we get what we want. Waiting is part of the process of becoming what God wants us to be.” Indeed, waiting on God is not just something we do to get what we want. We wait on God to realize the Giver is better than the gift. God wants us to seek him not just his blessings. As we wait for him, we learn to love him. And all that is part of the process of becoming what God wants us to be.

But as for me, I will look to the Lord;
    I will wait for the God of my salvation;
    my God will hear me.
(Micah 7:7, ESV)

Of course, there are also other reasons we wait on God. The perfect timing is only known by God. The optimal readiness by all parties is only known by God. We don’t know the big picture, God does. Hence, we can lean on God and wait happily. Meanwhile, we can enjoy God and his presence. That’s the ultimate joy in life: to know God and to be known by him and to love God and to be loved by him. Waiting on God is wise indeed.


Gracious God,
You are so awesome!
Your wise planning and loving care for us
are more than we can even imagine.
Help us to see the wisdom in waiting on you.
Enable us to rejoice while waiting.
Help us to use the time right:
by getting to know you and love you.
Remind us of our true identity and
help us to celebrate you all of our days.
In Jesus’ name,

Q4U: How do you feel about waiting on God?

Be blessed my fellow pilgrim as you embrace waiting on God as part of the Christian life!

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