Why I Sing Hosanna

Why I Sing Hosanna

That's why I sing HosannaGod is always with us. What a wonderful fact, don’t you think? No matter how badly we screw up, God is right there helping us, encouraging us, guiding us. Also, God is with us when the world fails us, Jesus carries us when our own feet can’t do it. He carried even our failings, our weaknesses to the cross. That’s why I sing Hosanna.

Yet it was our weaknesses he carried;
    it was our sorrows that weighed him down.
(Isaiah 53:4, NLT)

We are safe in God

Nothing can take God’s love away from us. Absolutely nothing. May this give us courage to face our fears and step out of our comfort zone. God is even there waiting for us. He will never fail us, we are safe in him. That’s why I sing Hosanna.

He remembered us in our weakness.
His faithful love endures forever.
(Psalm 136:23, NLT)

We are strong in God

Because Jesus carried even our weaknesses on the cross, we are strong when we are in Christ. That’s why we can’t let our weaknesses and our failings win, we are to give them to God. Because when we do give them to God, he can use them as building materials for our future. When we faithfully surrender our everything to God, he does amazing things in our lives. That’s why I sing Hosanna.

We are perfect in Christ, never on our own

This is why we are not to be afraid of failing and not measuring up, because it’s never about us being perfect. You know, it’s about us leaning on Christ’s perfectness. All we need to do is to lean on Christ and give him everything, good and bad. God knows what to do with our imperfectness. Also, when our goal is not being perfect but complete surrender, we are suddenly free of performance anxieties and feelings of inadequacy.

Because our joy is Jesus.
Our hope is Jesus.
And our victory is Jesus.

That’s why I sing Hosanna

Come, Lord Jesus,
you are our salvation in more ways than one.
I need you, I praise you, I love you.
Come and save me from me,
from my sins, from my failures, from my fears,
from anything and everything that keeps me
from being all that you’ve created me to be.
Hosanna, hosanna, hosanna!
In Jesus’ precious name,

Q4U: Why do you sing Hosanna?

Be blessed, my fellow pilgrim, as you give all your fear, failings and weaknesses to God and receive grace upon grace in return!

Image courtesy of Mari-Anna Stålnacke. Linking up today with #SmallWonder.

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