The God of Lost

The God of Lost

The God of LostAre you lost? Or have you lost something important or someone special? Or do you just have a hollow feeling inside of you wondering what’s wrong with you. This post is for you. I have good news for you. Very good news.

Do you remember the story of the lost sheep? And the story of the lost coin? How about the story of the lost son?

All these wonderful stories about lost things are proclaiming good news to all who are lost or who have lost something or someone. Your God loves you and searches for you and rejoices when he finds you. He will not give up on you.

No matter how lost you think you are, God has not given up on you. You have been found even before you knew you were lost. God is with you. You are never alone.

And even that is not all. God especially loves people who are lost. He is the God of Lost. Sure, God does care for the rest of the folks too. But God has a sweet spot for the lost. God gave his only son to be united with every single person on this earth. Not just 99%, but 100%, Rest assured, you are cherished by God.

If you are lost right now, turn to God. Run to him, he is ready to lavish you with grace upon grace. Don’t miss out on your true identity. Also, if you have lost someone special, turn to God. Embrace the God of the Lost and feel his healing love.


Gracious God,
Thank you for loving the weak and the lost.
Thank you for never giving up on us.
Thank you for your healing grace.
Let us feel your presence.
Heal what needs healing,
make us whole and holy.
In Jesus’ name,

Q4U: Have you been lost? How did the God of Lost find you?

Be blessed, my fellow pilgrim, as you embrace the God of Lost and what he is doing in your neighborhood!

Image courtesy of Mari-Anna Stålnacke. Linking up with Unite the Bloggersphere, Winsome Wednesday, and#tellhisstory.

4 thoughts on “The God of Lost

  1. Mari-Anna, you have no idea how I needed to read this post today. Somewhere over the last few days, I lost an earring from my ear and did not know it was missing until it was too late. I have been thinking of the parable of the lost coin since. Thank you for the wonderful reminder that although I may lose things which are precious to me, I will never be lost to our God because I am precious to Him. Blessings to you today!

  2. Great post Mari-Anna, so encouraging and good to know that although we are unfaithful, our God remains faithful and wants to gather in all the lost!
    God bless

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