Making Room for God

Making Room for God

 How can I fit God in my life?


Are you so busy that you don’t have time to fit God in your life? We tend to get so crazy-busy sometimes that it feels that we barely have time to breathe. It might feel an added burden to find time and room for God.

But guess what? There’s no way you can ever fit God in your life. God is way too big for that. God can never fit into your life. If we want to experience God, we need to fit into him. And then it’s not a question about finding time and room for God. Then it’s a question about living in him. 24/7/365.

How do we do that? We need an attitude adjustment. Daily. Because we are not the center of the universe and it’s not about us. God is the center. God is the beginning and the end. God is everything. It’s about God.

If we want anything to do with God we need to fit into him, not vice versa. We can’t expect him to be at our beck at call or to fit in our busy schedules. There’s no box big enough that God could fit in. That’s not how it works.

When we have the right attitude to approach God, we soon realize that we do have time and room for God. We do have time to breathe. We start our days with a conversation with God. We go about our daily routines by giving thanks. We serve God as we sacrificially serve our loved ones. We do our work for the Lord and not for the company. And we pray without ceasing. For in him we live and move and have our being (Acts 17:28, CEB).

There’s really no way we can fit God in our lives. We need to fit our lives into God. But the beautiful thing is: Because of Christ we fit perfectly into God. We can’t fit God in our lives, but by grace, we can fit into God. And God’s plans for us are way more wonderful we can imagine. We need to stop rushing around and trying to fit God in our lives. We need to let God embrace us and enjoy the ride God has prepared for us.


Gracious God,
Forgive us for trying to fit you in a box way too small for You.
You are amazing and beyond wonderful!
Make us fit for You for Christ’s sake.
Embrace us with Your grace and
enlarge our territories according to Your will.
In Jesus’ name,

Q4U: Have you had trouble to make room for God in your life?

Be blessed, my fellow pilgrim, as you live in God!

Image courtesy of Brendan Sceroler. This post is refurbished from 2012. Linking up today with Sharing His Beauty, Us, Coffee and JesusSmall Wonders, and#InspireMeMonday.

4 thoughts on “Making Room for God

  1. Asking God to fit into our lives makes me feel like we’ve forgotten who he is and who we really are. I read a quote last week that commented about the sad state of affairs at universities when college students think they can teach the instructors – and asking God to fit is a bit condescending to who he is. I like, though, how you say that we can fit right into him – it made me feel like a child hugging a very loving father!

  2. I really appreciate your posts, Mari-Anna, for being so to the point! “God can never fit in your life. If we want to experience God, we need to fit into him.” You have a way of sharing an insight with such few words. It’s one of your giftings and I appreciate you sharing another insight with us today! I’d never thought before about fitting into God versus fitting God into my life.

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