Who Are You Becoming?

Who Are You Becoming?

Who are you becoming?

Is it hard to believe that God is more interested in you than what you do? That God is more interested in who you are becoming than what you are getting done? So often we are so concerned about our (or other people’s) behavior that we forget what really matters.

Psalm 1 declares that people who delight in the Lord are blessed. They are like like a tree firmly planted and tended by the streams of water. At the same time we are also warned about becoming too proud of our abilities and forgetting God.

God’s Message:
“Cursed is the strong one

    who depends on mere humans,
Who thinks he can make it on muscle alone
    and sets God aside as dead weight.
He’s like a tumbleweed on the prairie,
    out of touch with the good earth.
He lives rootless and aimless
    in a land where nothing grows.

“But blessed is the man who trusts me, God,
    the woman who sticks with God.
They’re like trees replanted in Eden,
    putting down roots near the rivers—
Never a worry through the hottest of summers,
    never dropping a leaf,
Serene and calm through droughts,
    bearing fresh fruit every season.

“The heart is hopelessly dark and deceitful,
    a puzzle that no one can figure out.
But I, God, search the heart
    and examine the mind.
I get to the heart of the human.
    I get to the root of things.
I treat them as they really are,
    not as they pretend to be.”
(Jeremiah 17:5-10, MSG,*)

God sees our hearts and examine our minds.
God sees who we really are.
God treats us as we really are, not as we pretend to be.

That’s why God is so much more interested in who we are and who we are becoming than what we are doing or producing.

When we live in a close relationship with God, we will – by God’s grace – be like trees that bear fruit beyond all expectation. But even then it is not us producing any fruit. It all just happens – by God’s grace – when our hearts are abiding in Christ. That’s why we should not be that concerned about doing stuff but about abiding in Christ.

When you’re steadily growing in grace, God will do great things through you. When you’re on your way becoming like Christ, God will make sure you will produce much fruit.

The deeper our roots are in God, the more Christ-like we become. The more Christ-like we are, the more fruit God can produce through us. That’s the way God likes it. That’s the way we produce most fruit. That’s the way to joyful, fearless and victorious living. Just the way we like it!


Gracious God,
Forgive us for trying to skip steps along the way.
Thanks for reminding us for sticking to what really matters:
abiding in you.
Thanks for being more interested in who we are and
who we are becoming
than what we are doing or producing.
Abide in us.
Change us according to your plans.
And let us bear fruit in due time.
In Jesus’ name,

Q4U: Who are you becoming?

Be blessed, my fellow pilgrim, as you abide in Christ all the days of your life!

* [As you might have noticed, I enjoy reading the Bible in different translations and love comparing them. I have started linking the Bible verses to Biblegateway.com so you can easily read (and compare) them in the different versions I’ve used while preparing each post.]

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4 thoughts on “Who Are You Becoming?

  1. “Is it hard to believe that God is more interested in you than what you do?”
    Thanks for the reminder that my delighting in the Lord brings the Lord pleasure. May it be said of me that I delight in the Lord. I want to trust him more and more, and grow more and more in grace. Thanks for your help, Mari-Anna.

  2. Thank you for this reminder Mari-Anna. I can too quickly fall into thinking I need to be doing more but love the thought of Him being more interested in me than what I’m doing. In one of my Bible study groups we were talking about how we produce good fruit…which is through Him so may I continually seek Him and, as Lisa said, grow more and more in His grace.
    Blessings to you,

    1. Yes, we try to produce fruit on our own…when it would all happen if we’d concentrate on becoming who God’s wants us to be…all this by grace. God is so gracious and loving and giving…whew…aren’t we blessed? Thanks, Beth, for sharing your thoughts with us. Abundant blessings!

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