God Has Not Forgotten You

God Has Not Forgotten You

God has not forgotten youThis post is for all who feel that God has forgotten you. Because he hasn’t. And he won’t. Rest assured that God cares for you personally. God has not forgotten you. And God is not delaying his plans for the world. He does know what he is doing and when he is doing it. God has a plan. And he is full of love for us.

God’s love is meteoric,
    his loyalty astronomic,
His purpose titanic,
    his verdicts oceanic.
Yet in his largeness
    nothing gets lost;
Not a man, not a mouse,
    slips through the cracks.
(Psalm 36:5-6, MSG)

The amazing thing is the King of the universe loves us dearly. And his faithfulness is everlasting. His salvation plan is beyond wonderful. Yet in his big and mighty plans no one gets lost. No one.

He knows you and he loves you. He has not forgotten you. And he won’t either. You can rest assured that you are loved forever.

You can also rest assured that all will be well. Jesus did not promise us easy lives but he promised that the Holy Spirit will be with us until he will come back to us. God has promised to take care of us and we can rest in that knowledge. That’s why we should not worry. God is in control. Even when our feelings betray us, God does not. He is our rock, our fortress, and our redeemer.

Do not let your hearts be troubled, neither let them be afraid. [Stop allowing yourselves to be agitated and disturbed; and do not permit yourselves to be fearful and intimidated and cowardly and unsettled.] (John 14:27, AMP)

This verse tells us to not let our hearts be troubled. We do have a choice. We can give in negative thoughts or we can give our doubts to Jesus. We can permit ourselves to wallow in our sorrows or we can give them to Jesus. We can allow ourselves to be disturbed or we can bask in God’s grace. We have a choice: Jesus or not Jesus.

Choose to believe. And then act on your belief: give everything to Jesus. We are not strong enough on our own. But with Jesus we are. We are not fearless on our own. But with Jesus we are. We are not holy enough. But with Jesus we are. That’s God’s perfect plan for us. Rejoice in it. Revel in it. God has not forgotten you!


Gracious God,
Thanks for not forgetting any of us.
Thank you for loving us with everlasting love.
Thank you for having a perfect plan to redeem us.
We want to choose you.
Empower us to choose you every day of our lives.
Enable us to not to let our hearts be troubled
but give our troubles to you.
Thank you for taking care of us.
In Jesus’ name,

Q4U: How do you handle your troubled heart?

Be blessed, my fellow pilgrim, as you revel in God’s love and care!

Note slide courtesy of Kevin Carden. Linking up today with Thought-Provoking Thursday, Faith-filled Fridays.  

6 thoughts on “God Has Not Forgotten You

  1. Without Jesus I do not have any idea what type of mess I would be in, I cannot do it alone, I Have to have Jesus helping me 24/7 everyday every breath I take! Have a peaceful blessed day with Jesus

  2. Dear Mari-Anna
    What I found even more glorious and wonderful, is that the more we decrease, the more our Lord Jesus increases in our lives. Like you have said, without Him we can do nothing!
    Much love XX

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