Why Do We Get Only Daily Grace?

Why Do We Get Only Daily Grace?

Grace for workers in vineyard

Do you remember the  story of  vineyard workers(Matthew 20:1-16) who got paid the same no matter what time they started their labor? The workers who had labored the whole day and got the same pay as the ones who started late in the afternoon complained. I used to see this unfair, too. Why on earth would the master pay everybody the same?

The logic behind this is fair: there is plenty of grace for everyone. The workers who started early got what they had been promised to receive. Grace upon grace. The ones that came in later got what they needed: grace upon grace. How could we complain about God showing each and every one of us grace upon grace? How could we complain that the others got it easier? None of us earned it and never will. It’s all about God’s grace. Give everyone what they need, that’s God’s economy.

God’s economy is indeed wise. But do you know why do we get only daily grace? Because God does not give us more grace (or less) than we need. We can’t store it for later use. All we get is daily grace. But that’s more than enough. And we can be assured that when we stick with Jesus, there will always be enough. But we truly are dependent on God, we do need our daily grace. Thank God he has limitless supplies of daily grace! Gods’ economy rules!


Gracious God,
We are in awe of your wisdom.
We are in awe of your grace.
We indeed need you daily.
Give us our daily grace.
Empower us to share it with others.
In Jesus’ name,

Q4U: Are you ok with being dependent on God’s grace?

Be blessed, my fellow pilgrim, as you live daily in God’s grace!

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6 thoughts on “Why Do We Get Only Daily Grace?

  1. Sometimes I want to hoard up a week’s worth of grace in one day, to make me feel secure. But my security should come in knowing that each day, he has that grace already prepared for me, and that HE can store it all, I don’t have to. Great post, Mari-Anna. Love these truths.

    1. Yes, I know the feeling, Lisa. It’d be nice to have a huge storage of grace somewhere. But I guess that would defeat the purpose! True rest comes from knowing that our Father will take always care of us. Thanks so much for sharing, Lisa. Big blessings!

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