Beyond Spiritual Anemia

Beyond Spiritual Anemia

Fan or follower. Beyond Spiritual Anemia!
Faith is meant to be robust and life-giving. But too often we let the worries of the world and the hurries of our lives to take over and we end up suffering from Spiritual Anemia. Or we get so caught up following religious rules that we forget what was the point of all of it. Somehow our lives get muddled and soon refreshing faith is just a memory. We forget that faith is about walking with the Living God!

Mary DeMuth writes in her new book Everything “As I’ve studied the New Testament, I’ve realized something painful: mature believers have fewer rules and more relationship with God. Immature believers are just the opposite.” Being a Christian is not about running the Christian show on our own strength. It’s about abiding in Living Christ, basking in God’s love and rejoicing in the Spirit.

 So, then, if with Christ you’ve put all that pretentious and infantile religion behind you, why do you let yourselves be bullied by it? “Don’t touch this! Don’t taste that! Don’t go near this!” Do you think things that are here today and gone tomorrow are worth that kind of attention? Such things sound impressive if said in a deep enough voice. They even give the illusion of being pious and humble and ascetic. But they’re just another way of showing off, making yourselves look important. (Col.2:20-23, MSG)

It is hard to be plain you without special effects or ego boosting. We humans like to look good, smart, and successful. But God doesn’t want pious performances. God wants us. And he wants every part of us. Head, heart, and hands. Only by abiding fully in him we can avoid spiritual anemia.

“Why do you call me ‘Lord, Lord’ and don’t do what I say? (Luke 6:46, CEB)

Jesus himself told us that  lip-service is not enough. We need to do what Jesus tells us to do. And slow down enough to hear when/where/what he wants from us. God does not force us to obey. We need to decide for ourselves. Are we just fans or real followers? Are we fine with spiritual anemia or are we ready for action according to God’s game plan?

Mary DeMuth says that we want a painless Christianity but that’s not how it works. She writes: “To follow Jesus means to do what He asks of us, and sometimes He asks us to let go of fame, give away our things, and choose discomfort. The growth we experience when we do that is the blessing. Unfortunately we’ve mistaken the trinkets of ease for the blessings of the kingdom.”

Following Christ means laying down our wishes and wants. We might get what we want but only if it’s in God’s will. But living in God’s will is best that could ever happen to us. Because God is holy, amazing, and worthy of our praise!


Gracious God,
We come to you humbled.
Forgive us our cockiness,
our pious performance.
Cure our spiritual anemia!
Embrace us with your vital grace!
Show us what it really means to
have a relationship with you.
Guide us clearly and
empower us to obey you dearly.
In Jesus’ name,

P.S.  I’ve been selected to be part of Mary DeMuth’s launch team for Everything and I will be blogging  through the book before the release date in October, using the book as a spring-board for blog posts. If you are interested in reading yourself the first two chapters before the book is available in the stores, you can get them through this link. Only 17 days to go for the big release date! Woot! Fun things to come! Here’s the trailer!

Q4U: Are you familiar with spiritual anemia? What’s your sure fire way to get rid of it?

Be blessed, my fellow pilgrim, as you follow Christ and obey his commands!

Image courtesy of Aaron Dailey. Linking up today with Thought-Provoking Thursdays and Faith Filled Friday.

6 thoughts on “Beyond Spiritual Anemia

  1. I love that line that mature believers have fewer rules and more relationship. I most identify with the man in the video who said Jesus is becoming his everything. I actually think that’s the process of our sanctification. Thanks for sharing this.

  2. I agree – I know as I have gotten older the “little things” just don’t matter as much but my faith is stronger (although I have not arrived by any means!)… I think grandkids definitely give new perspective – I wish I’d enjoyed more, played more with my kids instead of nit picking at all the small stuff… Much to ponder. Bless you!

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