Clear the Way!

Clear the Way!

Why do we year after year fall into the same trap of consumerism and busyness?
Why do we let the lies of the world consume our thinking and feeling so much that there’s not much space left for anything real?
Why do we stress about performing a perfect Christmas?

Don’t ruin everything and make an idol for yourself: a form of any image, any likeness—male or female— or any likeness whatsoever, whether of a land animal, a bird that flies in the sky, an insect that crawls on the earth, or a fish that lives in the sea. Don’t look to the skies, to the sun or the moon or the stars, all the heavenly bodies, and be led astray, worshipping and serving them. The LORD your God has granted these things to all the nations who live under heaven. (Deuteronomy 4:16-19, CEB)

We eagerly would like to write off the Old testament warnings of idols as something that does not apply to us. But, yes, they do. Our idols are not necessarily golden calves. But the same way our idols try to keep God in check, under our control. Our idolatry is much more subtle than golden calves. But possibly much more destructive. Most of the time we aren’t even aware of our idols but we do worship our idols just the same.

But God has to be #1 in our lives. Otherwise our lives don’t make any sense. The meaning and purpose of our lives come directly from God. There are no other options. We should not secretly hold on to thinking that we should still be able to control our own destiny or, at least, part of it. Because if we do, those things have become our idols. Just like that.

This advent season is for clearing the way for Jesus by getting rid of idols. So we would not ruin everything.

What/who is your idol? Today I challenge you to pray about this. Let God point it out to you. Is there something in your life that keeps you from fully surrendering to God? It might be something good and precious but it can still be an idol. If celebrating a perfect Christmas is more important to us than worshipping Christ, we are on the wrong track.

Please, don’t ruin everything and make an idol of the perfect Christmas/life/___ for yourself.

It’s time to clear the way for Jesus.
It’s time to prepare our hearts and minds for Jesus.
Only Jesus.


Gracious God,
We confess that we are selfish and self-centered.
We have created idols in our hearts and minds.
Forgive us, renew us, restore us!
Show us what our hidden idols are.
Show us what needs to go.
Show us how to live your way.
In Jesus’ name,

Q4U: How could you clear the way for Jesus in your own life?

Be blessed, my fellow pilgrim, as you prepare your heart and mind for Jesus!

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