What if You Took Your Faith Seriously?

What if You Took Your Faith Seriously?

Created for His glory. What if you took your faith seriously?

What would happen if you took your faith seriously? What if you embraced the fact that you were created for his glory and to do his will and work in this world?

Martin Luther has said “Faith is a living, daring confidence in God’s grace.”
We are called to put our confidence in God’s grace.
We are called to boldly seek God’s will for our lives.
We are called to daringly embrace his plan for our lives.
We are called to put our faith in practice.

Do you dare? Or do you have excuses? Don’t worry. You can bring even your excuses to God, he knows them already. God will show you what is real and what is not. Don’t let fear keep you away from following God’s plans for you. Bring all you worries, fears and excuses to God and he will show you how to proceed.

Where to start? God will reveal his plan for you little by little. The main thing is to spend time in prayer and take time to listen what God has to say to you. There is one exercise that might help you to discern your calling. This needs to be done with a lot of prayer. Because it is God who leads. It is not about us. It is about God. We can plan all we want but if it’s not God’s will there is no point to slave over anything. But usually God’s plans for us are far bigger and better what we can come up with.

What if you took your faith seriously? What if you would believe that God has a plan and purpose for you? What if you could find out how you could bring glory to God?

God created you to bring him glory. God has created all of us our calling in mind. There is a purpose why you are wired and gifted the way you are. God has a plan for each of us how we can bring him glory. God also gives us dreams to guide us to fulfill our calling. If we prayerfully discern our dreams God will show us what is His plan and what is not.

Ask God in prayer what he wants you to do with your life, what is his plan for you. Ask him to guide your dreams, take away dreams that are not from him. Ask God to strengthen the voice of his calling in you. Then take a pen and a piece of paper and answer this: What would you do if money was not an issue? Dream, write silly things, small things. Don’t edit or judge. Think big and boldly!

After you’ve finished writing go back and read. Use discernment. Ask yourself prayerfully: What of these would God want you to do? Sometimes we find unexpected things on the list. Don’t be afraid. Bring all these matters to God. He will show you step by step what to do, where to turn to, how to proceed. Ask for confirmation, guidance, boldness. Dare to ask that God will use you for his glory. You can be certain that God will answer your prayer. Stay open, stay alert, stay confident. God’s grace is at work.



Gracious God,
Thank you for creating us for your glory.
We repent that we have lived our lives
at cross purposes with you.
Give us boldness, faith and strength
to submit our whole lives to you.
Show us what you want us to do with our lives.
Take away everything that hinders us from
following your plan for us.
Work in us and through us.
Enable us to bring glory to you.
In Jesus’ name,

Q4U: What is God calling you to do? What kind of dream has God laid on your heart? How have you discerned God’s calling for you? Any questions?

Be blessed, my fellow pilgrim, as you discern your way to bring God glory!

Image courtesy of Kashane Smith

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