Blogging, Baby Steps & Beyond

Blogging, Baby Steps & Beyond

Dear Friends of Flowing Faith blog,

It’s been about a year since I started writing this blog. It’s been a wonderful year and I thank you for embarking on this journey of faith with me. I hope and pray that the blog has encouraged you on your faith journey, helped you to see how precious you are in the eyes of God and inspired you to boldly put your blessings in use.

This year has been baby steps after baby steps but we’ve come this far! The learning curve was very steep but step-by-step I have been learning the art of blogging. The latest baby step was getting the new look. How do you like it? I’m proud to say I did it myself!

Today I want to pause, evaluate the past and look forward by asking you how I could better serve you with my blog. Please, take a moment and leave some feedback. I’d be delighted to hear from you. The one of the most enjoyable part of blogging has been making some new friends along the way.

The baby step I took today was opening a Flowing Faith Facebook page! I hope you all will join me there!  The next baby step will be a contest to win a Message in a Bottle coming to the winner all the way from Finland. Stay tuned!

In many ways growing in faith is also about taking baby steps. The main thing is that we keep on going to the same direction. God is waiting for us, cheering us on and enabling us to keep on going. Even when we are not quite sure about the future God knows what he is doing and will lead us step-by-step.

God is fair and just; 
He corrects the misdirected, 
Sends them in the right direction.

He gives the rejects his hand, 
And leads them step-by-step.

From now on every road you travel 
Will take you to God
Follow the Covenant signs; 
Read the charted directions. 
(Psalm 25:8-10, MSG)

Gracious God,
Thank you for loving us and taking care of us.
Thank you for guiding us step-by-step.
Bless each reader of this blog,
May they feel your love, peace & grace.
May thy will be done through this blog now and forever.
In Jesus’ name,
Thank you again. I will keep you in my prayers.
With love & joy in Christ,

Photo courtesy of Matt Gruber

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