Yippee – There’s Room at the Lord’s Table!

Yippee – There’s Room at the Lord’s Table!

At church this Sunday our family was waiting for our turn to kneel to receive communion/blessing. When there finally was room for us our 3-year old daughter said very enthusiastically “Yippee!” It made us smile but got me thinking about our attitude towards God’s amazing gifts. Do we run to Jesus? Do we shout “Yippee” when there’s room at the Lord’s Table? Are we excited about recieving God’s blessings? 

The people brought children to Jesus, hoping he might touch them. The disciples shooed them off. But Jesus was irate and let them know it: “Don’t push these children away. Don’t ever get between them and me. These children are at the very center of life in the kingdom. Mark this: Unless you accept God’s kingdom in the simplicity of a child, you’ll never get in.” Then, gathering the children up in his arms, he laid his hands of blessing on them.  (Mark.10:13-16, MSG)

Childlike is indeed Christlike. May we all have childlike delight to come into the presence of Almighty God. Let’s run into the arms of our Heavenly Father!

Gracious God,
Help us to become childlike
so we could be more Christlike.
Give us enthusiasm,
delight, and passion for you.
Because you are better than anything.
Because you are everything.
Because you are.
In Jesus’ name,

Q4U: What has children taught you?

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Be blessed, my fellow pilgrim, on your faith journey! 
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6 thoughts on “Yippee – There’s Room at the Lord’s Table!

  1. Love it! Yes, if only we all had the heart of a child in worship.

    My age 5 Daniel was in church two days ago, singing these words:

    Your name is a strong and mighty tower,
    Your name is a shelter like no other,
    Your name – let the nations sing it louder,
    For nothing has the power to save but your name.

    Each time he hit the word "louder" he would yell it out. I can SO appreciate your daughter's "yippee!" 😀

  2. Anne, sounds like your son and my daughter are kindred spirits. 😀 Thanks for sharing!
    Blessings to you and yours!

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