Counting Internet Blessings – The Best of This Week

Counting Internet Blessings – The Best of This Week

On Saturdays I share some of the links on the Internet that I have found interesting or that have blessed me during the week. This is my way to count my Internet blessings and pass on to you the good I’ve encountered. I will be doing this every Saturday if this is something that readers will find useful. So, please, let me know if this is worth of doing (or not!).

Before the Morning by Josh Wilson and the story behind the song at Authentic Christian Living
iMonk Classic: Pentecost – the Third Great Day by Michael Spences at I Monk
Spiritual Life Map: Your Guide to Recognizing God’s Presence in Your life by Theresa Geniccola at Ethiopian Review
A Pocket Lighter to Ignite Your Heart by Bill Gaultiere at Soul Shepherding
Consumption or Contribution? by Whitney Von Lake Hopler at

Gracious God,

Thank you for these Internet blessings this week,
Bless the writers & all the readers.
Equip us to see you more clearly,
to love your more dearly and
to follow you more nearly.
In Jesus’ name,

More food for thought:
God – the Spiritual Immune System, part 1/4
(Re)making Jesus Christ the Center of My Life, part 1/5
Quest for God’s Will, part 1/4Be blessed as you journey on in faith!
The details of the picture.

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