Counting Internet Blessings – The Best of This Week

Counting Internet Blessings – The Best of This Week

On Saturdays I share some of the links on the Internet that I have found interesting or that have blessed me during the week. This is my way to count my Internet blessings and pass on to you the good I’ve encountered. I will be doing this every Saturday if this is something that readers will find useful. So, please, let me know if this is worth of doing (or not!).

Here are the best Internet articles/blogs of this week:

Peter and the Pursuit of Happiness David Lose at Working Preacher
Who Needs a Preacher? Darrell Creswell
God Gives More by Emily Schankweiler at Devotional Christian
Freedom and Its Obligations by Chris Donato at Growing Grace-full
Meeting the Risen Lord by Msgr. Eric R. Barr at Anamchara

Gracious God,
Thank you for giving us life and more life!
Thank you for guiding us on our pilgrimage.
Thank you for these people being your lampposts for us.
Help us to share your love with others.
In Jesus’ name,

Q4U: What or who has helped you on your pilgrimage?

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May GOD bless you richly!

2 thoughts on “Counting Internet Blessings – The Best of This Week

  1. Thanks Mari-Anna for your posting on my blog, Who needs a Preacher…Blessings upon you
    Darrell Creswell

  2. Darrell, you're very welcome. Thanks for writing such an inspiring post! Stay blessed!

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