WILD GRACE Blog Carnival: Call for Submission

WILD GRACE Blog Carnival: Call for Submission

I have decided to start hosting blog carnevals every other Friday at FLOWING FAITH. There will be different themes for every blog carneval but they will all fit under the umbrella of Wild Grace. On the first and third Tuesday of each Month there will be a call for submission on the particular theme of the next blog carneval. The due date to send in all the blog entries is the following Tuesday and the blog carneval post will be on the following Friday (the second and the fourth Friday of the month).

Wild Grace is a blog carnival that brings together followers of Christ around the globe to celebrate grace and the Giver of Grace. The purpose of the blog carnival is to share blessings & wild grace to encourage each other on our faith journeys.

You are invited to submit your own blog post on the theme! If you are not interested in writing you can come to read all the blog posts around the theme of the week. On the Call for Submissions Tusdays (like today) my blog post gathers around the chosen theme. I will poke around the theme, raise some questions and get all of us thinking about the theme. So here we go!

The first specific theme for the Wild Grace blog carneval is “Grace stories”. Too often we don’t share with each other the amazing things God is doing in our lives. They can be small or huge, visible or invisible for others but they are ways that we have been profoundly touched by God’s grace.

I would love to hear your stories of grace. How have you been touched by grace? How have you seen God in work in your life? Tell us! Invite your friends! Let’s share our grace stories with each other. Send an email with a link to your blog post about your grace story to FlowingFaithBlog[at]gmail.com by Tuesday March, 23 at midnight EDT. If you have any questions feel free to email me.

Gracious God,
Bless our Wild Grace blog carnevals.
Be in the midst of us as we bring together our grace stories,
stories of you in our lives.
Thank you for your wild grace.
Be with us we celebrate your grace.
In Jesus’ name,

Some grace-ful blog posts to inspire you:
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Go! Write a new post or share an existing, relatively new blog post about your grace story. Thank you in advance for participating! Check back for the Grace Stories Blog Carnival on the 26th of March, 2010. Be blessed as you bless others!

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