Lectio Divina Revisited

Lectio Divina Revisited

Lectio Divina is Latin and means ‘divine reading’. It is an ancient way of praying with Scripture that promotes communion with God. Lectio Divina has four parts: Reading(Lectio), Meditating(Meditatio), Praying(Oration)and Contemplation(Contemplatio).

I have always enjoyed tremendously any participation in Lectio Divina. But a couple years ago I had a chance to practice a modern version of Lectio Divina and that truly left me in awe. I will share the method here with you. You need a good study Bible with cross references or look them up beforehand.

A preparation prayer is an important part of any form of Lectio Divina. More empty we can be as we enter into praying Scripture more responsive we will be to God’s guidance.

Read the chosen text few times and let it speak to you. Continue to read the crossreferences until something speaks strongly to you. Then move on to meditating the word, praying the word and then finally move into wordless contemplation on God.

Every time I have been praying Scripture this way I have been left in awe of God’s amazing power to take care of my needs in such a gentle way. I strongly recommend you to try this. Also, if you are one of us reading the Bible systematically through in one year it is refreshing to meditate prayfully the Scripture this way!

Q4U: What kind of experiences of Lectio Divina have you had? Any links you can share with us? Thank you!

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