Life Without TV?

Life Without TV?

Are you too busy to chase your dreams? Don’t you have enough time to read the Bible or Christian classics? How many hours do you watch TV per day or per week? The average American television viewer is watching more than 150 hours of television per month! That’s like working full time! So many unchased dreams because of TV!

We decided to give up TV altogether almost five years ago. This decision advanced our living standard more than any single act has done. We love our life without TV so much that we don’t want one in our home. We think life is too short and precious to be lived in the front of TV or only during the commercials.

I would even go that far and say that it has been our secret weapon to have energy to take care of our two young children. There was no need to stay up when we needed sleep.

I really don’t want to be a mom who spends more time in the front of TV than with her kids. I don’t want to be a mom who says: “Wait a minute, this will end soon” to her kids. And I don’t want to be a kid to our Heavenly Father who says: “Not now, I am busy”.

Q4U: What’s your take on TV? Would you be ready to give it up?

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