The Holy Spirit – The Chief Energizer!

The Holy Spirit – The Chief Energizer!

No matter what a man does,
No matter how successful he seems to be in any field,
If the Holy Spirit is not the chief energizer of his activity,
It will all fall apart when he dies.


What does make you tick?
What is the driving force in your life?
Who is the chief energizer of your activity?

Isn’t it wild, though, that the Holy Spirit is energizing us if we let it happen!
Isn’t it wild that God is a source of energy?

Don’t we have a wild God?
We can’t tame him.
We can’t put him in a box or make him to do what we want.
But why would we?
Isn’t it much better that we have a chief energizer
who wants to guide us and bless us?
The Energizing God knows what’s best for us.
Like Dwight L. Moody has said:
“Spread out your petition before God, and then say, ‘Thy will, not mine, be done.’ The sweetest lesson I have learned in God’s school is to let the Lord choose for me.”

Gracious God,
Be our energizer now and forever!
Thank you for being wild and holy!
Dwell in us!
Show us the path of eternal life.
Thy will, not ours, be done.
In Jesus’ name,

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