In My Father’s House

In My Father’s House

Last week our family moved 500 km south. There still are too many boxes around, misplaced items and the unpacking process is far from finished. But it feels good to be here. Our Heavenly Father has guided us here: into this house that my father has built.

I can feel the loving hands that have built this house. I can feel the loving people who have inhabited this before us. It feels good to be in my father’s house.

This morning we went to one of Our Heavenly Father’s houses. Our home church from now on is the medieval church of Ulvila. It definitively gives a different backdrop to worship than any modern church does. It felt good to sit there and think that I am one Christian in the chain of witnesses of Jesus Christ. God is the same today as 500 years ago.

It felt good to be in my Heavenly Father’s House. There are strong reasons why worship needs to be central in every Christian’s life (and I most likely will come back to them later on) but to put it plain and simple: it just feels good to be in our Heavenly Father’s house. God speaks to our inner beings and encourages us in our daily struggles. Even the stacks of boxes don’t seem so insurmountable any more. It is quite amazing how God meets us there and gives us hope.

It just feels good to be at our Heavenly Father’s house. Join me there!

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