Orphan But Not Fatherless

Orphan But Not Fatherless

Last May my father died with a smile on his face. The dying process had been surprisingly beautiful. It felt good to sit by him. Eternity was so near.

At his funeral I said that I am an orphan but not fatherless. This thought process might need a little explaining. There are two reasons why I feel this way.

First, a child of such a loving father is never fatherless, even after his death. His strong love will carry me all my life. I really am an orphan but not fatherless.

The other reason is that God is a friend of widows and orphans. He is our Heavenly Father. Those children that haven’t had as amazing earthly father as I have are not fatherless either. Because our Heavenly Father loves each of us with such love that doesn’t only carry us all through our lives but also into eternity. We can wait for and enter into eternity with a smile on our face.

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