Cast Your Burden on the Lord

Cast Your Burden on the Lord

Cast your burden on the Lord

This is a gentle reminder of remembering to pile our troubles on God’s shoulders and not our own. That’s what God wants us to do. Really. So let’s not keep on trying to manage on own. Self-reliance hinders our spiritual well-being. So cast your burden on the Lord and let him help you out.

Cast your burden on the Lord,
    and he will sustain you.

(Ps. 55:22, NRSV)

I know we’ve taught to carry our own burdens but that’s not the Christian way to do things. We are to cast our problems on Jesus. Our self-sourcing is the only blockage (everything has been prepared) to a fruitful relationship with our Lord and Savior. There’s nothing better than being sustained and cared for by God Almighty.

Cast your burden on the Lord

Christian faith is quite extraordinary. Usually, gods and kings want to be supplied, sustained and defended. But Jesus wants to supply, sustain and defend us.

When we admit we have nothing to offer to Jesus, he can become our sustainer and the source of all the good things. We just need to open our hearts and minds to receive God’s help. And keep away from self-reliance because that blocks grace. We don’t want to block grace because it is the best there is: unconditional love for us in unlimited amounts. I take it, gladly.

This is what I recommend to you: Surrender to Jesus every morning, cast your burden on the Lord and then live freely in God’s grace. That’s Christian living for you: rejoicing in Jesus.

Gracious God,
Thank you for inviting us to live close to you.
We surrender to you,
we cast our burden on you.
Fill us with your Spirit and
take care of our needs.
Be our sustainer,
help us to thrive for your glory.
In Jesus’ name,

Q4U: Do you cast your burden on the Lord? How does it make you feel?

Be blessed, my fellow pilgrim, as you let Jesus supply, serve, and sustain you!

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