Stockipile Tresure in Heaven!

Stockipile Tresure in Heaven!

The news from Japan have left the whole world in a stupor. The news are devastating and almost surreal. Our hearts and minds go out there and we pray unceasingly. Life is fragile. God, have mercy on us!

This Lent I’ve been reading the gospel of Matthew. Somehow I think that the whole idea of Lent is about living out the sermon on the Mount. Meditating, pondering, reflecting, praying and then applying it to our own lives for good. Life is precious. God, have mercy on us!

“Don’t hoard treasure down here where it gets eaten by moths and corroded by rust or—worse!—stolen by burglars. Stockpile treasure in heaven, where it’s safe from moth and rust and burglars. It’s obvious, isn’t it? The place where your treasure is, is the place you will most want to be, and end up being.” (Matthew 6:19-21, MSG)

After seeing the heart-breaking pictures of Japan after the earthquake and tsunami these Bible verses came into my mind. Why do we use all our energy to get more stuff, take care of the stuff, and worry about the stuff when it does not bring us hardly any happiness, can be gone in a second and at the end we can’t take any of if with us? Life is short. God, have mercy on us!

Stockpile treasure in heaven! That could be the slogan for Lent. Check out where your treasure is and make appropriate changes in your life. Make a clean sweep of all the things that are hindering you stockpiling treasure in heaven. Life is a journey. God, have mercy on us!

“Your eyes are windows into your body. If you open your eyes wide in wonder and belief, your body fills up with light. If you live squinty-eyed in greed and distrust, your body is a dank cellar. If you pull the blinds on your windows, what a dark life you will have! You can’t worship two gods at once. Loving one god, you’ll end up hating the other. Adoration of one feeds contempt for the other. You can’t worship God and Money both. (Matthew 6:22-24, MSG)

You can choose with what you fill your mind. But be careful what you choose. Because you become what you choose. You can’t worship two gods. Many have tried but that’s not how it works. We need to choose. And even when we choose God over money and stockpiling worldly stuff we need to be on our toes. It is so easy to slip into consuming stuff. Life is a choice. God, have mercy on us!

We are God’s children eternity written in our souls. Life is not over when we take our last breath. It is then just beginning. What we choose today matters. Light or darkness? Let us choose wisely. Life is eternal. God, have mercy on us!


Gracious God,
Have mercy on us!
Help us to choose wisely.
Help us to stockpile treasure in heaven.
Have mercy on us!
Guide our decisions.
Guide our hearts and minds.
Have mercy on us!
In Jesus’ name,

Be blessed, my fellow pilgrim, as you stockpile treasure in heaven!

Q4U: How do you keep yourself from stockpiling earthly treasures?

Photo courtesy of Amy Aldworth

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