WILD GRACE Blog Carnival Presents Stories of the Power of the Resurrection

WILD GRACE Blog Carnival Presents Stories of the Power of the Resurrection

It’s Blog Carnival time!!! Until now I have used the blog carnival method but decided to combine the two for this edition. So, you are invited to add your own link to the widget below!
Wild Grace is a blog carnival that brings together followers of Christ around the globe to celebrate grace and the Giver of Grace. The purpose of the blog carnival is to share blessings & wild grace to encourage each other on our faith journeys. It’s Easter season so the theme I chose is the Power of Resurrection.

This Easter I was profoundly touched by the power of resurrection and, therefore, I wanter to hear and share stories of the power of resurrection. How have you experienced the power of the resurrection? How is your life affected by the resurrection? Are you a witness of the resurrection?

Anthony Delgado presents Transparency, Hypocrocy – Removing the Wax at eInquisitive.
Suzanne Roth presents a wonderful story God and Green beans. I present Witnesses of the Resurrection & Followers of Risen Christ at Flowing Faith. Now it’s your turn! Please, add your link to the widget below! Thanks for participating! Blessings!

(After you add your info, please refresh the page. If your post does not show up, please try again. Make sure your email is provided and there’s NO typos. If it still doesn’t work, send me an email or DM with your info, and I’ll manually input it for you. (Post title, email, url) Thanks!)

Gracious God,

Thank you for being almighty!
Thank you for being all-powerful!
Thank you for the gift of salvation!
Bless our blog carnival today.
Bless all the writers & readers of this carnival.
We want to bring you glory.
We love you, we praise you!
In Jesus’ name,

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